Overwatch xmas theme song



Tracer: Don’t think I don’t recognise that device of yours. I know you stole it.
Sombra: What can I say? A girl just has to have the lastest tech.

トレーサー と ?

Tracer: No one likes a thief.


Sombra: Sometimes I feel a little sick after using my translocator. I’m sure you know how that feels Tracer.
Tracer: Won’t be a problem if you just disappear forever.


Tracer: OK, Dad!


D.Va: Ooh I can’t stand you hackers. You give those of us with skill a bad name.
Sombra: You know that isn’t the kind of hacking I do, right?


Sombra: My favorite spider. I wonder what sort of web you’re spinning now.
Widowmaker: It’d be a shame if something happened to you on our next mission… A real pity.

リーパーと ?

Reaper: Nice to see you do your job for once.


Sombra: I don’t even need to hack my way into here anymore.
Winston: Stay away from my computer systems!
(pretty sure these aren’t part of the same conversation)


Sombra: Pleasure working with you Mccree… If that is your real name.
Mccree: Don’t know whatcha heard, but my name’s not Joel. Best remember that.


Sombra: Your friend Katya Volskaya. What will you say when you learn the truth?
Zarya: She is a hero to all Russians. I do not care what you have to say.


Reaper: Try to stick to the plan Sombra.
Sombra: Look, someone has to be ready when all your careful planning doesn’t pan out.


Sombra: What’s the plan today Gabe. You don’t mind if I call you Gabe do you?
Reaper: Stick to the mission.


Reinhardt: HAHA. Finally I have beaten the champion at arm wrestling.
Zarya: I heard it was your birthday old man, so I went easy on you.


Sombra: You wouldn’t believe what I learnt about you, Sparrow.
Genji: I am at peace with who I was. Your threat does not concern me.

リーパーと ?

Reaper: Make a lot of threats and someones going to shut you up.